Xmas White Rainbow Heart ONE-PIECE Petti Dress with Red Posh Feather & Red Feather Crystal Rose Bow With Accessory 2PC Set LP38

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The Pettidress designed with adjustable chest, covered chest that means each chestband has one button and button hole. It allows making the chest smaller by simply poking a new hole in the elastic and pulling it tighter to fit over the button allowing the chest to grow with your little princess!
So perfect for so many occasions. You can choose a Pettiskirt Hair Clip to suit the Pettidress,
So adorable !!!! 
Size Size
XS (age 1-3) Length 24.3" Waist 18" - 22"
M (age 4-5) Length 26.3" Waist 20" - 24"
XL (age 6-8) Length 28.3" Waist 21" - 25"
Materials Polyester & Cotton
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